Faithful Servant


Brown hair. Brown eyes (now glowing green). Heavyweight build.

A Master of weaponry, Squire is proficient with most weapons, but prefers a rounded shield to defend his mistress.



Squire, once a Mayor’s squire in the small town of Loudwater in Agrestad, was saved from the Nagaji plague by Morgeth and the band of adventurers she traveled with. After weeks of traveling with the gang, Squire finally began to shake off the Nagaji plague that had been affecting him, and took a more serious combat role within the party. Squire would later separate from the group to follow Morgeth, who had her own goals in mind. Squire ended up accompanying Morgeth where ever she went as her loyal servant, doing whatever deed she bbid. Morgeth imbued Squire with her dark power to make sure her most loyal servant would be an immortal one.


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