Dark Sorceress


Jet black hair. Gold-yellow eyes. Thin build.


Morgeth is a master of very potent Dark Magics.

Her favorite tactic is to envelope her foes in a cloud of supernatural darkness that eats away her opponent’s flesh. She uses the darkness to keep concealed to taunt and harass her victims with ranged magic attacks. If she is wounded she will attempt to drain the life of her enemy to recover.

Should she ever come close to death the inner Demon awakens. Her size triples, she becomes pitch black, save for blank white eyes and a blank jagged smile. Her strength increases 10 fold as well as her magic capabilities.

Morgeth 3


Morgeth Alexia was born to a pair of Archaeologists who would eventually come across an ancient, sealed cave. The cave was home to a shadow demon, whom had waited eons to be unleashed and find a suitable host. It implanted itself into young Morgeth, forever altering her destiny down a dark path. It granted her new, dark powers that required a constant supply of life force to fuel. But without a supply of life to feed on, a terrible hunger overcame Morgeth, and when the hunger blinded all of her sense, her parents became the first victims of her shadowy power. Morgeth lived a hard life, often being chased out and being branded a monster until one day she found a secret society. Over the years she manipulated the society to her own devices and eventually killed its head Archduke Durnic. Using her new found strength she slowly began to take over most of the nearby lands. For nearly 200 years she ruled from the city of Karthmorre and was labeled the hunger queen. Eventually she was defeated by her former lover Hector and her empire collapsed. The ensuing violence erased most traces of her and her empire. Failing to deliver the final blow, Hector brought a now powerless Morgeth to a small wood cabin, where the two fell in love again and lived a happy peaceful life for many years. Until one day a group of paladins found out about their secret existence, and in an effort to capture Morgeth, only captured Hector. Angry and bitter, Morgeth began a quest to regain her former power. This led her to party with an unlikely band of characters where hijinks and shenanigans ensued. While in this adventurous party, Morgeth gets embroiled in the Nagaji Plague debacle, and in the process saves and creates a loyal servant Robert, would was simply called Squire. Later in life, Morgeth eventually cut a deal with a baelor demon, regaining most of her lost power in exchange to serve the baelor. Morgeth quickly tossed aside that vow when she saw a powerful group of travelers crusading towards his destruction. After Morgeth jumped ship, she found her restored powers were not as fulfilling as she had hoped. She was left with a rather empty feeling instead, and with renewed assassination attempts by a more focused nation she decided to go to a more peaceful continent and continue her study into the arcane. Morgeth 4
A disheveled Morgeth fights off a brutal assualt on her Castle

Her journey led her to Aedos where she learned two important things. The existance of an anvil capable of producing consciousness, and that Hector was being held in the city of Paladia. Unable to face the holy magic of Paladia herself, she manipulated a group of travelers, looking for their lost princess, into freeing Hector for her. They were successful and Morgeth and Hector were finally reunited. Morgeth’s ambition did not die there though. She still wanted the anvil and she again manipulated the same party from before into securing the anvil for her while she “reconnected” with Hector. To her great suprise the party was also successful in this quest. To “reward” them she implanted some of her power into their leader Fluxy, who as it turned out later became King of the realm. Morgeth was more focused on the anvil however and with its power was able to create the first true Homunculus. A perfect breed of human. Stronger, faster and immune to magic. For the first time in a while Morgeth felt renewed purpose, and to her, these creations were only the beginnning…


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