Deathlord Hector

Master of dimensions, teleportation, and inter-planar travel


Dusty brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium muscular build.

Weilds a dark energy blade that extends from his wrist. Teleportation magic is a specialty of his. Dark and cosmic energy fuel his strength and magics.



Even in young age, Hector was a strong fighter and always interested in the arts of magic. His search to study the arcane, and compound his strength with magic led him to The Order of Ancients. He learned the trades fast and quickly rose through its rank due to his prowess in combat and his leadership skills. While there, he met Morgeth and the two hit it off almost immediately. The two ended up spending more and more time together and growing closer. Hector became instrumental in Morgeth’s plot to overthrow the Archduke and the two together managed to take him down. Afterwards, Hector became the first subject in Morgeth’s experiment to implant her powers in others. She succeeded and Hector found himself stronger than ever, and later would find that he too suppressed his aging.

Hector stayed by Morgeth’s side and helped her rule her empire for many decades. It wasn’t to last however, as Hector began to criticize Morgeth’s rule and grew sympathetic towards the people she oppressed. During an argument, Morgeth proclaimed their love as a simple ruse, a way to overthrow the Archduke. Shocked, Hector stormed out, and in his anger plotted with rebel leaders to oust Morgeth. He recruited a small, elite group of warriors to infiltrate her palace while her armies were distracted by an invasion force. The warriors engaged Morgeth in mortal combat and when all seemed lost to her might, one of the mages delivered a sacrificial spell which left her vulnerable for strike. Hector delivered the deadly blow and the shockwave nearly tore the entire palace down. Hector found Morgeth amongst the rubble. He could of ended her there, but he couldn’t bring himself to. Instead he took her away and built a small cabin in the middle of the woods.

Morgeth would remain in a coma-like state for close to 2 years and he wasn’t quite sure how she would react to being there. Much to his relief, she was relatively amiable. Her powers seemed to be locked away as well, and perhaps that was the reason for her friendliness. In either case, she declared that her old ways in the past and she just wanted to start anew. And so she did and her and Hector lived in peace for many years.

Again it was not to last though, as locals discerned their true identities, and summoned paladins upon them. Hector stood defiantly against them as they marched to his cabin, giving a powerless Morgeth enough time to escape. In the end Hector was captured by the paladins. He entered a state of suspended magic to prevent physical harm against him. The paladins concluded that it was not safe to keep him around and decided to send him to Aedos for secure keeping. He was locked in the lowest level of the darkspire dungeon in Paladia where he would not see the light for near a century.

He was later freed by an unlikely group of warriors who had brokered a deal with Archaia. It turned out that they were recruited by Morgeth who had come to Aedos to seek him out. On release, Hector was severely malnourished and withered, but one warrior provided him the life force needed to regain his strength. He finally reconnected with Morgeth after all the time had past and was surprised to see her back at full strength. Again to his relief, she was still the jovial Morgeth she was in their life of peace, albeit with newer ambitions. Now Hector helps Morgeth with her new experiments, collecting “materials”, and also acts as her emissary. He quickly earned the title of deathlord from those lucky enough to survive meeting him.

Deathlord Hector

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