The World of Alaem

Alaem is a world shattered by ancient magic, the result of which has sent civilization in to turmoil for thousands of years. Times passed, and new kingdoms rose and fell, until at last the world reached a state of relative stability.

What is Alaem? Simple: Its the lore of a world spanning four, now five campaigns, a world with a history of Emperors and Chaos Emperors, of Discs and Wizzies, of Airships and Guns, of Swords and Sorcery.

Alaem is a world in which contintents float above the Lightcore, an immense source of magical energy stabilizing the almost countless shattered continents floating on the former surface of the planet. A world in which the sky is graced by the water and islands that used to occupy the now non-existent oceans, in which the teeming masses of civilization flock to the Waygates to flee from terror towards better lives.

A world in which dwarves do not interact well with stairs, and the most dangerous action that one can take is to try and fight Halsana. A world in which diggles clearly don’t exist.

Here in this wiki, all the lore and stories written should be posted, for all characters both big and small. If it is posted here and ultimately approved, then it is considered canon in the world of Alaem.