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The World of Alaem

Alaem is the home of many continents and numerous races. Some of its early histories have been lost to time and tragedy, but its most recent developments have left it in a tumultuous state.

Here you will find links to what you need to know about the world of Alaem.

NOTE: Please organize your information in a logical way. If you post about a continent, then make a link here which brings readers to the continent. If you are making pages about different parts of the continent, include them in the continent page, not on the main page.

Histories should be a separate post if they are extensive; treat this like wikipedia. The History of the Dragon Empire is a separate page, but a brief history will be included with the regular page.

Maps should be posted in the Maps section. Please only post characters who are currently in use in the characters page; once a character is not in use, they are an NPC and get a separate page. Stats are optional.

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