Agrestad is the easternmost continent in the Western Hemisphere of Alaem; its eastern border extends slightly past that of Durmar and extends in to the Glass Ocean. The land is heavily agricultural, and despite being the largest continent in The Dragon Empire it is one of the more technologically backwards areas. Its Western coast does, however, boast the Dragon Wastes, an international port famed for its heavy trade and lively theatre.

Geography and Climate

Agrestad is a mostly flat continent, and fertile. Cities tend to gather towards the River Agrestad, with smaller population centers resting further out. It is heavily forested in the North and Northeast, and has few arid zones outside of the Dragon Wastes. It has a temperate climate, and moderate rainfall, making it an excellent home for agricultural, especially cereals like wheat and barley.

The deep North of Agrestad is covered in harsh, mountainous terrain, and is the sole source of any large quantities of iron for the continent. However, Agrestad is not metal-poor; the Northwest, a hilly area, contains large quantities of copper, and tin mines are commonly found near most settlements. Bronze, then, is common and of high quality in Agrestad, including the extremely rare Gold-Bronze, most of which is found in large deposits, seemingly already processed.


Agrestad began, and remains, a mostly feudal area, fractured and often decimated by wars and plagues. For reasons unknown, its past was riddled by wars between gods, including the fabled War of the Five Wyrms, the conflict which nearly drove all of the Dragonkind to extinction and is thoguht to have brought about the shattering of the world.

Once the world was shattered and reformed, Agrestad went through a period of upheaval, sending it in to two hundred years of skirmishes and minor wars, which exhausted much of the continents intelligence on warfare, leaving it lagging behind significantly compared to its neighbors. While the Two Hundred Years of Trouble brought significant hardship to the land, it was not long before Agrestad was able to pull itself back up, suffering only minor feudal struggles for some time.

The advent of Waygates was the next key feature for the continent, leading to minor trade with its neighbor, then unnamed, but now known as Draconis. This trade brought craftmans over, and the more heavily urban influence of Draconis lead to the formation of the first major city, known as Agrestad. The size was miniscule compared to its southern neighbor Durmar, but was still the largest city on the continent, and its King had the fealty of more than half the feudal lords.

Its size lead to the continent becoming known as Agrestad by most speaking of it; eventually, the name became ingrained in the popular conscious, and would not budge regardless of who or what tried to change it. However, the size of the city, as far as permanent residence were concerned, never reached over 100,000 citizens at any given time, though its temporary residence fluctuated between an additional 50,000 to 250,000 depending on the time of the year.

The continent experienced several leadership changes, including the 200 years under The rule of the Hunger Queen. Despite this, the continent was relatively peaceful for some thousand years, until a series of unfortunate events over the course of three years lead to its ruin. It began with the plague of the Nagaji, which spread like wildfire through the lower kingdoms, and culminated with the Death of the King and the invasion of Baelor, the Pitlord, bent on gaining control of the continent.

War raged for a year and change until at last the feudal lords were subjugated. While most, if not all, swore fealty, skirmishes between minor demons and humans still broke out, and an organization known as The Red began to spread across the continent, responsible for many assassinations on turncoat mortals and high ranking demons alike.

Baelor’s rule was cruel, but ultimately short. It was not long before the Heroes from Draconis lead their crusade against the Undead spawn to Aggrestad, where Drake, the Dragon Emperor gained the powers of Baelor after the Heroes brought the demon lord to his knees.

Though Drake was originally widely supported by the people, his next few moves quickly put him at odds with Agrestad’s citizens. He began a war against the Witches of Draconis, which lead to the death of his once ally Nergal, and embroiled the two now unified continents in a brutal war against the Durmar, which lead to Agrestad once again being sacked and ruined after several key defeats. Though the war was ultimately won, Drake sent most of the wealth to Draconis, where he began establishing a stronger foothold than in the more traditional lands of Agrestad.

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