Aedos is one of many continents of the shattered world. In its beginning it was ruled heavily by Demons and monsters, subjugating the ancient races to horrible lives. The ancient races however, did not sit idly by. They banded together to harness the power of the elements, and of life and death to create six gems of power, and after splitting the arch-beholder into two beings, they solicited the help from its better half, Archaia, to help forge the keystone: see The 7 gems of power. With the seven gems together, they constructed a golem of gargantuan proportions to oppose their demon overlords. Together with what was named The World Smasher, the ancient races beat back their oppressors and claimed the land for their own. They soon after retired the golem, agreeing that no one people should possess such power, and instead scattered the gems across Aedos to act as a ward to cover the continent. The ward would prevent most demonic and undead from ever cropping up across the land and would create an era of peace from such a foe for millennium to come. It was not until the appearance of Lord Loudrey, King of the wyvern knights, that this peace was once again threatened.

Aedos is composed of six major areas. The frozen coasts to the south, the eastern wetlands, the Coatl jungle, the Bourbek desert, the northern wetlands, and the blight lands.

Cities and landmarks

World’s End
Mythland Woods
Mage’s Tower
Emperor’s Throne
Coatl Jungle
The Archlibrary
The Blight Lands
The Everplains


The oceans of Aedos hang suspended along with the land mass, falling downwards to the core and then swirling back up towards the continent. This phenomena creates powerful waves on the coasts of Aedos.


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