The 7 gems of power

7 gems


Red- Fire gem
Blue- Water gem
Yellow- Air gem
Green- Earth gem
Black- Death gem
White- Life gem
Pink- Keystone


The 7 gems of power were initially created in the beginning of Aedos as a means to fight the ancient races’ demon overlords. The gems were crafted harnessing the power of the four elements, and of life and death. The final Keystone was created through artificial means with the help of Archaia as a way to unite the gems for a single purpose. The gems originally were used to power The World Smasher and then later used to create a ward against outsiders and undead from entering Aedos. The gems were the focus of the gem wars in an attempt to re-activate the world smasher. The gems later fell into the hands of King Fluxy and he now uses their power to make himself a demi-god.


The gems were so powerful even by themselves, that they often gave life to the materials surrounding them. Many gems crafted their own golem bodies, or as in the case of the life gem, gave rise to a tree of unnaturally huge size.

The 7 gems of power

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