The World Smasher

God Slayer


Standing nearly 30 stories high, the ultimate Golem is a formidable foe.

The World Smasher is immune to all attacks from Demons, Undead, Outsiders and Gods

Requires all 7 gems to function at full capacity

Crushes with its giant fists, or releases extremely powerful energy blasts from its chest


The World Smasher was created by the ancient races in Aedos to counter the their demon overlords. It is powered by the 7 gems, and is made for the sole purpose of destroying non-mortals. It was superbly successful in its initial task, ridding Aedos of most demons and undead plaguing the land. It was retired to World’s End afterwards in favor of a ward to prevent any more demons from entering Aedos. Millennium later, Lord Loudrey prematurely reactivated the World Smasher, causing it to be uncontrollable and go rampant. It managed to wipe the floor with the lord of pestilence, and even Asmodius, before being taken down by a group of King Fluxy’s men. The remnants of the golem were shared between the dominant races of Aedos until King Fluxy decided to resurrect the golem once more. The drow, holding the final piece, refuse to hand it over. War erupts once again in Aedos over the final piece.

The World Smasher

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