Victor Corvinus

Grizzled warrior and father


Dusty brown hair. Light blue eyes. Medium muscular build

Uses a badass axe and shield. Fights with nothing held back


Victor is a warrior through and through. He loves a good fight and in fact does it for a living. Working as a mercenary, he was hired during the war between the pretty races and ugly races in Kagareth. During one of the battles however he was wounded and collapsed into a small house he found nearby. He woke up and found that his wounds were nursed by a a doppelganger woman. She was nervous at first, as he was human and their two species were at war. But they soon fell in love and had a child, Lilian. For her Victor had given up the mercenary life and fighting in general. But one day a raid came in from a group of King Frederick VIII’s men, killing his lover while he was out hunting. He found his daughter hiding in a closet. Having no where else to go, he returned to his old mercenary guild, the Dread marauders, who despite their name are nice people outside of combat. The guild looks after Lilian for Victor while he’s out on jobs and they treat her as one of their own. The only thing loves more than a good fight is Lilian and he hopes one day to pass the Corvinus axe to her.

Victor Corvinus

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