True Blooded Witch


Black hair. Red eyes. Medium build. Large burn scars across right half of face.

An apt mage particularly powerful with evocation magics. It was said summoning large quantities of lightning were his favorite.


Nergal was born a true blood heir to a coven of witches along side his twin brother Renuuk. They were as friendly towards each other as any brothers would be until the time to rule came. The two fought, but Renuuk stood victorious. Nergal fled, shamed and his face brutally scarred. But it did not bother him entirely, for he had no desire to rule. Instead he made a life hunting demons and other monsters. Nergal’s true anger showed, however when his brother decided to join up with a baelor who began taking over Agrestad and its surrounding lands. He despised the baelor, one of the greatest demons of all, and vowed to regain leadership of the coven, if only to stop Renuuk’s terrible mistakes. He happened upon a group of travelers while hunting a demon. It turned out their goals were similar. Taking advantage of numbers he joined the party and hijinks and shenanigans ensued. As the party grew closer to their goal Nergal rejoined with his coven, and swayed many of them to his cause. In the final showdown the two brothers finally crossed paths again, each trying to use their powerful geass powers against one another. It was not until Nergal’s comrade Drake unleashed a prismatic spray, banishing Renuuk to another dimension, that the battle was won. The Party faced down the Baelor, and powerful as he was, emerged victorious. Nergal had rightful rule over his coven and all seemed at peace. But his old comrade Drake had a different vision. Using his new-found Baelor powers Drake began his campaign to conquer all the lands and unite them under his rule. Nergal protested such a plan, seeing it as greedy and unnecessary. He saw this plan no different from the past Baelor. Finally when the argument between the two reached a boiling point, the two old comrades turned on each other. Nergal’s powers were strong, but they couldn’t match Drake’s speed nor his Baelor powers. In the end, Drake managed to roll from Nergal’s storm bolts and landed a bullet in his heart.


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