Mjoll Brigander

Crimson Flash


Red hair. Green eyes. Muscular build

Wields her family sword and is as quick and deadly as a flash with it.

Special: Omnislash- Mjoll can make 5 simultaneous strikes at 1 or more opponents within six seconds


Mjoll was born in Karak, in the middle of the harsh Bourbek desert. Only child to the powerful and renowned mercenary Gerik Brigander, she grew up tough and ambitious like her father. She was a wildcat and a trouble maker growing up, and quickly learned the ropes of a mercenary life. At the age of 15 she got into a quarrel with her father and was thoroughly whipped. Gerik laughed about the whole ordeal, but Mjoll felt far too weak and ashamed. She took the family sword that night and set out to make her own name in the mercenary world, and was determined to one day surpass her father. In just a few years, she had sharpened her skills to a deadly point, and earned the nickname Crimson Flash, for her blood soaked blade looked only like a flash to most. Her name has steadily become more well known across the continent, as she fulfills contract after contract. She continually looks for greater challenges to test her skill, and backs down from no fight. She is currently in exile living in the south eastern city-states due to a warrant on her head from King Fluxy.

Mjoll Brigander

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