Lord Loudrey

King of the Validus Knights


Brown hair. Green eyes. Large muscular build

CR 18
HP 210
AC 26
Fort Save +15
Reflex Save +15
Will Save +15

Polearm 17/12/7 (3d1015)(x3)
Polearm mastery
Iron will- Immune to mind affects


Lord Loudrey was born first son of the Lord Lundgen of the Validus Knights. He grew up quick and tough, as is the culture of the Wyvern riders. He grew up in a time of great hunger and disease. The crops would routinely fail, and people often fell ill. He later learned that this was due to the influence of a sealed demon lord of Pestilence. His father and grand-father, also aware of the problem, had previously gone to Emperors Throne asking for assistance in dealing with the problem years before. Time and time again they were ignored. Loudrey ascended to lordship when his father fell to disease. When he took the mantle he was bitter and angry, and set out to strengthen himself and find a solution himself. Years of training made him strong and his mind resilient, and his journey for a solution led him to the arch-library. There he found knowledge of the The 7 gems of power and of The World Smasher. Suddenly he realized not only could rid his people of the plague lord, but also of all demons, even gods who oppressed mortals. So for years Loudrey plotted and planned to recover the gems and reactivate armies. He recruited thousands of soldiers and gathered the Validus knights in preperation. He even solicited the help of a servant of the plague lord, letting him believe his mind control powers had full control over him, all the while using his powerful magic to further his own goals. Finally Loudrey was ready and began his campaign by attacking emporer’s throne while it was unprepared and took the Keystone for himself. This set off the gem wars and Loudrey was mostly successful throughout most of it. He came near defeat securing the life gem from Mythland Woods, but barely managed to escape with the gem. When he at last gathered all but one of the gems he traveled to World’s End to reactivate the World Smasher. When confronted by a party of King Fluxy’s men and later the lord of pestilence however, he knowingly activated the golem prematurely, causing it to be uncontrollable and go rampant. In the choas, Loudrey was flung by the World Smasher into World’s End where he met his end.

Lord Loudrey

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