Claire Alundi

Princess Extraordinaire


Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Thin build

Claire can wield a rapier with adequate proficiency.


Claire was born in Emperor’s Throne, daughter of Torin Alundi. She safe and comfortable, leading her to be kind spirited and cheerful. However, when her father was murdered by Lord Loudrey she vowed to stop him and partied with some local hotshots on a quest to do just that. Her travels led her to Mythland Woods where she did face off against Loudrey. However they were unsuccessful and Loudrey barely escaped. Afterwards she was abandoned by all her comrades save for Fluxy due to a hostile exchange between fellow party member Kaylin and the elf king. As Claire ventured off to rejoin the party she was betrayed by Fluxy, who stabbed her brother Jarvan in the back and attempted to kill her as well. She managed to escape Fluxy’s wrath and found herself wandering aimlessly through the forest. Eventually she came across a castle in the mountains. She ran towards it thinking it was salvation. Instead she was taken by Dark Sorceress Morgeth who took her captive, seeing a potential bargaining chip should she need one. Finally the Chairman’s hand and friends, along with Fluxy found her and made a deal with Morgeth to get her back. After completing the deal, and Claire handed over, Fluxy back stabbed Claire, finishing the job he started.


At one point it was assumed Claire was to be resurrected with Morgeth’s magic at which point she would’ve become a badass dark mage with Sir Rodderick as her soul slave. Badass Claire is pictured in portrait.

Claire Alundi

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